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Lecta agenda for sustainable business

Lecta's firm commitment to sustainability entails a strong ethical commitment of respect and accountability towards the people and society with which we interact. In 2022 Lecta decided to formalize its ESG Strategy as a key pilar of its business strategy forward, regarding contribution in the supply chain to support customers ambitions as well as bringing suppliers on board this journey.

Lecta actively seeks to promote the essential values of the Company, which will contribute to achieving our mission and making it a reality. In accordance with these principles, environmental investments and the ongoing search for new innovative solutions based on natural, renewable raw materials are the key pillars of our sustainable development.

In addition, Lecta's strict environmental and safety policies, and Code of Ethics serve as the foundation for our activity.

Find out more about our policies and Lecta's progress in helping to create a more sustainable world: 2022 Sustainability Report

Lecta defines the following values as essential in its activity
Focus on results
Generating benefits, efficiency.
Focus on the customer
To know, assess, and meet their needs.
Social responsibility
Environmental engagement, awareness raising and internal environmental and social responsibility training.
Anticipating customer needs, encouraging initiatives and ideas.
Transmit the necessary information to all, put in place mechanisms to facilitate communication.
Engagement with the company
Create an exciting and inclusive working environment that values diversity and recognises individual and collective contributions.


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