About Us

Mission, vision, values

“Together, committed to innovative, bio-based solutions for a sustainable world”

Our mission conveys the desire, shared by all of us who are part of Lecta, to identify – along with our partners and customers – solutions to meet their current needs, as well as to create new innovative product features that provide sustainable solutions to a constantly changing, but increasingly environment-conscious society.

In a world with a growing demand for and use of natural resources, sustainability is the key to the future. This is where products such as paper, made from natural, renewable raw materials and with unique qualities such as being recyclable and biodegradable, bring value to society.

We welcome this challenge, facing it backed by the corporate values we at Lecta have identified with close to 1,300 of our employees:

  • Customer orientation, with an emphasis on quality and meeting our customer’s needs
  • A positive attitude, based on innovation and continuous learning
  • Teamwork, cooperation and commitment, both amongst ourselves and with our customers

Lecta actively seeks to promote these values, which will contribute to achieving our mission and making it a reality.

History of our companies

Lecta's origins date back to the acquisition, between 1997 and 1999, of three companies with a long tradition in their home markets: Cartiere del Garda in Italy, Condat in France and Torraspapel in Spain. Lecta Ltd. is the ultimate parent company of the Lecta Group, with participations held by multiple equity funds and investors. Its offices are located in London.

Lecta: papers for every need
Condat Logo

Condat, located in the Périgord region of France, specializes in the manufacture of high-end coated papers with state-of-the art technology and maximum respect for the environment. Condat papers are designed for the most demanding publishing, advertising and print applications.

Torraspapel Logo

With 300 years of history behind it, Torraspapel is the leading manufacturer and distributor on the Iberian Peninsula of coated and uncoated woodfree paper, along with a wide range of specialty papers including metallized, carbonless, thermal, cast-coated and self-adhesive materials.

Garda Logo

Cartiere del Garda has been producing high-quality woodfree coated products in Italy for over 50 years. It is well-known for combining innovative and efficient manufacturing with environmental stewardship and respect for the local community.

A note from our CEO

Our goal with this website is to present a “new” Lecta; new not just because we have changed our logo, but because we want to clearly convey our size, our group identity, our expertise and our multiproduct portfolio as well as our commitment to sustainability, service and innovation.

The fact is, Lecta is present today in the most demanding markets worldwide, our environmental stewardship has been recognized by the top quality, environmental, responsible forest management and occupational health & safety certifications; our products and brands are among the most widely valued in Europe and our sales organization personally takes care of over 22,000 customers. It is the result of cooperation and integration across cultures, with the aim of bringing the best of each to the table to make Lecta the leader it currently is.

We continue to work within Lecta to consolidate and strengthen our group culture, improving internal processes with the customer as our constant point of referencek6.

Our mission, however, does not end here. Our commitment to our customers, to future generations and to society at large is to innovate and offer new products made from natural and renewable raw materials designed for new, sustainable end uses and solutions, in a world that is constantly changing but increasingly environment-conscious.

Eduardo Querol