Committed to people & society

Lecta's firm commitment to sustainability entails a strong ethical commitment of respect and accountability towards the people and society with which we interact. Fully aligned with the fundamental principles of United Nations Global Compact, of which it is a signatory, Lecta publishes and makes available to its employees, customers, suppliers and interested parties several policies in this regard which form the basis of our activity and good practices.

Code of ethics

Lecta makes available to all its employees,customers, suppliers and interested parties the Lecta's Code of Ethics, which was updated in 2019.

Lecta's code of ethics represents the highestlevel instrument in the regulatory structure of the company. It reflects the ethical principles that apply to all the areas of our activity and represents a commitment to compliance with the entire legal system and the ethical values it defends.

The specific section on working conditions contained in the ethical code concerns the occupational health and safety of employees, employee relations and relationships among employees, prohibition of discrimination, prohibition of violence and sexual assault and the immediate abolition of child labor.

Lecta, in compliance with British law, also issued, in 2017, a Transparency Statement ensuring that modern slavery and human trafficking had nothing to do with the development of our activity.

Anti-corruption policy

Lecta shares and applies the "Tenth Principle on the fight against corruption" of the United Nations Global Compact in the exercise of its activity and always in accordance with the relevant laws.

In its anti-corruption policy, Lecta expressly prohibits corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery. Lecta's Anti-Corruption Policy describes the conduct that employees and directors must avoid. It also describes the key elements that must be implemented to avoid any situation which could involve corruption.

Purchasing policy

Purchases represent one of the company's main activities given their high financial, environmental and social impact.

Lecta establishes basic performance standards to ensure its purchasing activity is carried out correctly, in keeping with corporate interests and criteria, its Code of ethics and the Integrated Management System Policy.

Compliance with this Purchasing Policy is compulsory for all Lecta's activity centers that partcipate in any process involving assessment, approval, negotiation and the contracting of goods, products and services.

Lecta is a member of the Global Compact

One of the key elements of Lecta's commitment to society and good business practices is our membership in the United Nations Global Compact, the world's largest corporate social responsibility initiative.

Lecta submits an annual report identifying progress made in implementing the 10 Global Compact principles, identifying advances made and thereby increasing the transparency of our actions. This report is available at

Supporting education and culture

Lecta wants to share its experience in paper production with society, paying particular attention to groups for which learning about our activity firsthand could contribute to a more complete training and thereby help them perform their jobs better.

In France, through Condat, Lecta works together with the International School of Paper, Print Media and Biomaterials – INP PAGORA – located in Grenoble, a highly renowned center in the training of engineers who specialize in the sector. Visits to mills, on-the-job training, provision of paper for studies and tests and participation in seminars and technical days are some of the activities that demonstrate our active support of the training of future professionals. In 2020, due to COVID-19, visits to the mills and participation in seminars and technical days were not possible.

In Italy, through Cartiere del Garda, Lecta also collaborates with the most well-known museums in Trento, such as the Riva del Garda local museum, in support of initiatives to promote the region, culture and local history.

At the same time, Lecta participates regularly in sponsoring Adamello Brenta National Park, the largest protected natural area in Trentino Alto-Adige, in the Alps. The park has been declared Patrimony of Humanity by the United Nations.

Charity projects

As part of our corporate social responsibility strategy, Lecta participates in various sponsorship and financing actions in the cultural and healthcare fields.

Christmas greetings from different NGOs, calendars and publications published by non-profit organizations such as Fundación Talita in Spain, which helps children and young people with Down's Syndrome, are just a few of these collaborations.

In line with our support for the diffusion and dissemination of matters related to sustainability and protection of the environment, Lecta also works together with PEFC Spain in the preparation of its annual report.


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