Linerset CCK Duo

Technical data
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​Two-side clay-coated release paper for siliconizarion only in the top side, whereas in the back side there is a special coated reverse to offer good dimmensional stability properties for graphic films applications

Linerset CCK Duo - List of Certificates
PEFC Chain of Custody (multisite)
FSC Chain of Custody (multisite)
REACH regulation Lecta
ISO 14001 Environment
EMAS Motril mill
ISO 50001 Energy Efficiency
ISO 9001 Quality
ISO 45001 Health and Safety



Linerset SCKLinerset SCK8Linerset SCKLinerset SCKLinerset SCKLinerset SCK​​Supercalandered Kraft Paper for siliconization with high stregth properties​​​Supercalandered Kraft Paper for siliconization with high stregth properties​​Papier Kraft supercalandré pour la siliconisation aux propriétés de haute résistanceCarta Kraft supercalandrata per siliconizzazione con elevate proprietà di resistenzaRelease LinerFSC;#PEFC;#REELS;#
Linerset CCKLinerset CCK1Linerset CCKLinerset CCKLinerset CCKLinerset CCKOne-side clay-coated release paper for siliconization.Papel soporte, estucado una cara, diseñado para siliconar.Papier support release. Haute rigidité et stabilité.​Carta supporto per siliconare. Elevata rigidità e stabilità.Release LinerFSC;#PEFC;#RECYCLABLE;#REELS;#
Linerset Glassine YLinerset Glassine Y4Linerset Glassine YLinerset Glassine YLinerset Glassine YLinerset Glassine YSupercalandered yellow glassine paper for siliconizationPapel glassine supercalandrado amarillo para siliconización.Papier glassine jaune supercalandré pour siliconisationCarta glassine gialla supercalandrata per siliconaturaRelease LinerFSC;#PEFC;#RECYCLABLE;#REELS;#