Creaset Litho (North America)

Technical data
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​One-side coated high gloss paper, with post-consumer pulp content for standard or wraparound labeling. Creaset Litho is also suitable for laminating with other materials, obtaining a multi-layered packaging material.

Specifically developed for the North American market.

Designed for high-speed printing given its stiffness and fast ink penetration. Suitable for offest and flexographic printing.  

Available in sheets and rolls.

Available substances: 89, 104, 118 and 140 gsm

Creaset Litho List of certificates
PEFC Chain of Custody (multisite)
ISO 50001 Energy Efficiency
ISO 9001 Quality
ISO 14001
EMAS Motril mill
FSC Chain of Custody (multisite)
ISO 22000 Food Safety - Motril
Paper Profile Creaset



Creaset RBP10Release base paper for self-adhesive sheetsPapel soporte release para hojas de autoadhesivo.Papier support release pour autoadhésif feuilles.Carta supporto per siliconare fogli autoadesivi.One-side coatedFSC;#PEFC;#RECYCLABLE;#REELS;#
Creaset Matt25One-side coated matt paper for standard or wraparound labels and flexible packaging.Papel estucado 1 cara mate para etiquetas estándar o envolventes y para formar parte de un envase flexible.Papier couché matte 1 face pour étiquettes standard ou enveloppantes, et pour intégrer un emballage souple.​Carta monopatinata opaca adatta sia per etichette standard e avvolgenti (wrap around) sia per far parte di un imballaggio flessibile.One-side coatedPEFC;#FSC;#RECYCLABLE;#SHEETS;#REELS;#
Creaset Linen LWS28One-side coated ​embossed linen light wet strength paper.Papel estucado 1 cara gofrado lino con resistencia ligera a la humedad.Papier couché 1 face gaufré, résistance légère à l'humidité.Carta monopatinata con goffratura linen e leggera resistenza all'umidità.One-side coatedFSC;#PEFC;#RECYCLABLE;#SHEETS;#REELS;#