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Technical data
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One-side coated paper for flexible packaging applications. Suitable for laminating or extruding with other packaging materials. Without OBA added

 Suitable for offset, flexographic and rotogravure printing.

Available in rolls.

Available substances: 45, 50, 60, 70, 80 gsm

Creaset Range_List of certificates
PEFC Chain of Custody (multisite)
FSC Chain of Custody (multisite)
REACH regulation Lecta
ISO 14001 Environment
EMAS Motril mill
ISO 50001 Energy Efficiency
ISO 9001 Quality
ISO 45001 Health and Safety
ISO 22000 Food Safety - Motril
Paper Profile Creaset - Motril



Creaset GP PFAS FreeCreaset GP PFAS Free36Creaset GP PFAS FreeCreaset GP PFAS FreeCreaset GP PFAS FreeCreaset GP PFAS Free​One-side coated grease proof gloss paper for Standard, Wraparound Labeling & Flexible Packaging. Without added PFASPapel estucado una cara brillante resistente al aceite para etiquetas estándar, envolventes y flexible packaging. Sin PFAS añadidos​Papier couché brillant une face, résistant à l'huile pour étiquettes standard, enveloppantes et flexible packaging. Sans PFAS ajouté​​Carta monopatinata lucida resistente agli oli ideale per etichette standard, avvolgenti (wrap around) e imballaggio flessibile. Senza PFAS aggiuntiOne-side coatedFSC;#PEFC;#SHEETS;#REELS;#
Creaset FP WhiteCreaset FP White35Creaset FP WhiteCreaset FP WhiteCreaset FP WhiteCreaset FP WhiteOne-side coated gloss paper for flexible packaging applicationsPapel estucado 1 cara brillante para aplicaciones de flexible packagingPapier couché brillant 1 face pour les applications de flexible packagingCarta monopatinata lucida per imballaggi flessibiliOne-side coatedFSC;#PEFC;#REELS;#
Creaset ClassicCreaset Classic1Creaset ClassicCreaset ClassicCreaset ClassicCreaset ClassicCreaset ClassicCreaset ClassicOne-side coated high gloss paper for standard or wraparound labelsPapel estucado 1 cara alto brillo para etiquetas estándar o envolventes.Papier couché brillant 1 face pour étiquettes standard ou enveloppantes.Carta monopatinata ad elevata lucentezza adatta sia per etichette standard e avvolgenti (wrap around).One-side coatedFSC;#PEFC;#RECYCLABLE;#SHEETS;#REELS;#