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New book Cartiere del Garda introduces its new book Touch

1/1/2014 12:00 AM


Cartiere del Garda, part of the Lecta Group, launches Touch, the seventh edition of "A better project", an initiative in which the company explores a different and exciting topic every year.

This year's book tackles the very current theme of "touch". The book is a reflecion on the importance of touch and of how it has evolved during the course of history, from ancient times to our days. Starting from our hands, which are our first and most important receptors, this sense - often given secondary importance after sight and hearing - is described in four chapters. The book ends with a reflection on the tactile dimension of EBooks, co​mparing them with the beauty and charm which paper is able to convey.

Touch is a 20x26cm paperback book containing 104 pages. Each of the four chapters is printed on one of the coated matt papers of Cartiere del Garda's "Excellent Collection" (GardaMatt Art, GardaPat 13 KLASSICA, GardaPat 13 KIARA and the new GardaPat 13 BIANKA), giving readers an opportunity to appreciate the excellence of our product lines.

The editorial project is accompanied by a responsive design website where one can leaf through a preview of the book and order it.

With this book, Cartiere del Garda shows once again how the uniqueness of high quality paper, combined with exceptional content can convey emotions through a unique sensory and intellectual experience.



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