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Lecta sponsors the Frágil exhibition of paper jewelry by artist Chus Burés

Lecta sponsors the "Frágil" exhibition of paper jewelry by artist Chus Burés


5/27/2022 10:20 AM

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A unique collection of fine jewelry designs that highlights the natural quality and sustainability of paper.

The exhibition, which will be open to the public from May 25 to September 11 at the Centro de Arte de Alcobendas in Madrid, brings together some 20 designs created for this special project by the prestigious jewelry designer and master goldsmith Chus Burés.

Frágil (fragile) gives absolute prominence to paper as a natural product, produced in a manufacturing process that is certified for its environmental credentials. In the same way, Chus Burés elaborates his art with complete respect for the raw materials he works with. This care for sustainable products extends to the materials and the exhibition's entire infrastructure.

In this collection, we discover the beauty of delicate pieces of jewelry made of paper and combined with gold, silver, pearls or diamonds. This includes Cosmical Delights, a multicolored choker with a combined essence conceived by the designer especially for this jewel; a spectacular floor-length necklace with an openwork poem by Pier Paolo Pasolini, or a majestic torc, an open, stiff neck ring in black with 18-carat white gold and diamond spikes, to mention a few examples.

The exhibition emphasizes the fragility of paper as a material, which is unorthodox when it comes to jewelry, although it is one of the most important materials produced by humans, a genuine transmitter of culture. It is both pliable and adaptable, properties that favor these imaginative designs. Frágil also invites us to reflect on our own fragility and that of the planet we inhabit, due to environmental conflict and climate change, which we must care for by returning to simplicity and nature as an ideal of life.

The Frágil exhibition catalog is printed on Lecta's Coral Book White high white uncoated paper. This is a range with superb print performance for the publishing industry.

In its commitment to art and culture, Lecta's aim has been to support a unique project that highlights paper as a natural and sustainable material a project by Chus Burés, one of Europe's most creative and renowned jewelry designers.

For more information about Lecta and the works of Chus Burés, visit and



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