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Lecta in in Packaging Europe Event and Plastic Free World Conference & Expo

Lecta reinforces its commitment to sustainable packaging with nature-friendly solutions


10/27/2022 12:00 AM

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At the Sustainability in Packaging Europe Event and Plastic Free World Conference & Expo.

In keeping with its commitment to a waste-free world, Lecta's is continuously seeking innovative solutions based on natural, renewable raw materials to promote a circular economy.

Lecta will be an active sponsor at two of the leading sustainability events in the packaging industry: Sustainability in Packaging Europe (Barcelona, November 1-4, 2022) and the Plastic Free World Conference & Expo (Cologne, November 9-10, 2022, Hall 10.1 – Stand 3038).

At both international events, leading manufacturers, circular economy experts and other players in the recycling and packaging industry meet to discuss important topics such as the latest technologies and materials, best practices and sustainable resources.

Inspired by nature, Lecta will explain the progress it has made in developing environmentally friendly products and to introduce its complete range of functional nature-friendly polyethylene-free and fully recyclable papers as unique solutions for food service and flexible packaging.

We look forward to seeing you soon at the Sustainability in Packaging Europe event (Barcelona, November 1-4, 2022) and Plastic Free World Conference & Expo (Cologne, November 9-10, 2022, Hall 10.1 – Stand 3038) where you can discover our new line of functional papers that fully contribute to responsible consumer habits in which every choice matters.

For more information about our products and Lecta's commitment to sustainability, visit



Lecta is investing in a refuse-derived fuel (RDF) boiler for its Condat mill<p><b>The project financing agreement was signed with Kyotherm on November 11th.</b></p><p>Lecta has decided to invest in a refuse-derived fuel (RDF) boiler for its <a href="/_layouts/15/FIXUPREDIRECT.ASPX?WebId=ab4fa7a3-0634-4500-936f-c564acc72d36&TermSetId=df97ac4b-f748-499e-bb14-37fe224b64ce&TermId=3f2213df-84b8-40af-bd6d-f087879ac6f8"><b>Condat</b></a> paper mill in France, which will be finished by mid-2024. This is a great energy transformation project that presents multiple environmental and economic advantages, in line with the <a href="/_layouts/15/FIXUPREDIRECT.ASPX?WebId=ab4fa7a3-0634-4500-936f-c564acc72d36&TermSetId=df97ac4b-f748-499e-bb14-37fe224b64ce&TermId=22ffb90c-0d8f-4ae4-8a4a-ad22b33f367a"><b>Sustainability goals</b></a> that Lecta is working on.</p><p>The RDF boiler project is based on circular economy, as we will collect from local sources the waste with high biogenic content that will be used as fuel. This will help to reduce the volume of waste that currently cannot be recovered and would otherwise end up in landfills.</p><p>Regarding energy, the new boiler will cover about 50% of the mill’s steam needs. This will increase the mill’s competitiveness because the generation of steam will be much less expensive than with natural gas. In addition, there will be a reduction of gas related CO2 emissions by a total of 55.000 tonnes per annum. </p><p><em>"This energy project is an important milestone in the on-going transition of Lecta towards new growth markets and the utilisation of more sustainable energy. The new boiler will ensure a stable, long-term supply of cost-competitive and 100 percent renewable steam as an alternative to fossil energy sources like natural gas. In addition to the reduction of CO2 emissions, this project will contribute to the advancement of the circular economy. We have found in Kyotherm the right partner to provide us with the financing for this project thanks to their flexibility and transparency"</em> says Gilles Van Nieuwenhuyzen, CEO of Lecta.</p><p>The financing of the project has been assigned to Kyotherm, one of the most active actors in the renewable heat projects sector in Europe, who will finance up to EUR 45 million of a total project capex of EUR 56 million.</p><p><em>"We are delighted to partner with Lecta in supporting this strategic and pioneering RDF project. Kyotherm has been able to advise Lecta and be a partner of value to provide the adequate financing. The environmental benefits embedded in the project – low carbon steam and circular economy - are significant and at the core of our impact strategy. Societal benefits will also derive from this project as it will reduce our imports of gas by about 280 GWh per year"</em> says Arnaud Susplugas, CEO of Kyotherm.</p><p><em>"We also would like to thank the French authorities for their support on this project for the last 3 years. We notably highly appreciate the close cooperation with Ademe which has been crucial for the success of this structural project for our mill by providing a subsidy of EUR 14 million"</em> adds Alain Gaudré, President of Condat.</p><p>The closing of the financing agreement signed is scheduled to happen during the first quarter of 2023 after a certain number of precedent conditions are met.</p><p><b>ABOUT LECTA</b></p><p>Lecta is a leading European manufacturer and distributor of specialty paper for labels and flexible packaging, coated and uncoated paper for publishing and commercial printing, and other high value-added innovative products such as its range of environment-friendly, recyclable functional papers. Lecta products are based on natural, renewable resources that contribute to a circular economy, creating a better, more sustainable world for all.</p><p>All of Lecta's manufacturing sites are certified to the strictest environmental standards – ISO 14001 and EMAS – and hold PEFC and FSC® C011032 chain of custody certificates. Furthermore, all Lecta sites have successfully completed audits for ISO 50001 energy efficiency, ISO 9001 quality and ISO 45001 occupational health and safety certification.</p><p>For more information about our products and Lecta's commitment to sustainability, please visit <a href="/en"></a></p><p><b>ABOUT KYOTHERM </b></p><p>Kyotherm is an investment company based in Paris, France, specializing in renewable heat/steam and energy efficiency projects, in particular biomass boilers, geothermal projects, solar thermal plants, waste heat recovery, district heating networks and energy performance contracts. Kyotherm's funding solutions are mostly off-balance sheet. Kyotherm has funded projects representing a total capacity of about 170 MW in renewable energy or energy efficiency assets in 10 countries, across Europe, the USA and Morocco. </p><p>Kyotherm's team is composed of professionals with longstanding experience in the renewable energy sector, with various roles in the development, construction or financing of projects, that have demonstrated they can successfully take projects through financial closing.</p><p>For more information about our offers, please visit <a href="" target="_blank"></a></p><br><br>11/13/2022 11:00:00 PM is investing in a refuse-derived fuel (RDF) boiler for its Condat mill
Lecta recovers positive pre-pandemic trends in environmental parameters<p> <b>2021 and S1 2022 data confirm the improvement of key environmental KPI’s.</b></p><p>The pandemic caused a steep drop in demand in the paper industry, as in many others. This led to unavoidable shutdowns for some production lines at our mills which, among other factors, resulted in a drop in many environmental indicators for this period. </p><p>Lecta's commitment to <a href="/_layouts/15/FIXUPREDIRECT.ASPX?WebId=ab4fa7a3-0634-4500-936f-c564acc72d36&TermSetId=df97ac4b-f748-499e-bb14-37fe224b64ce&TermId=bb7df336-5d76-428f-979f-6a9c45a1c7b8"><b>sustainability</b></a> and its ongoing effort to minimize our environmental footprint have enabled us to reestablish the positive trends seen between 2021 and the first half of 2022. The percentage of certified purchased pulp, as well as discharge water flow values, water quality values (COD, Chemical Oxygen Demand), and energy consumption values show significant improvement.</p><p>Lecta continues to be committed to increasing the amount of pulp purchased from PEFC and FSC® C011032 certified forest plantations, to promote forest protection and ensure the responsible use of these sources. Compared to 2020, the percentage of certified pulp purchased has increased by 15%.</p><p>Discharge water flow values, values for the quality of water returned to the environment (COD) and energy consumption values related to manufacturing processes are extremely sensitive to downtimes and the overall production of each mill. </p><p>Each of these indicators also show an improvement of 5 to 9%, thanks to maximum efficiency in the use of natural resources such as water and prioritizing more efficient energy use. The implementation of the <a href="" target="_blank"> <b>ISO 50001:2018</b></a> standard in all our mills has helped us to gradually reduce energy consumption per ton of paper produced.</p><p>Lecta will continue to carry out its activity with the aim of contributing to a more sustainable world. </p><p>More information about Lecta's commitment as a responsible company is available at <a href="/en"></a></p> <br>11/7/2022 11:00:00 PM recovers positive pre-pandemic trends in environmental parameters