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GardaMatt Ultra. GardaMatt Ultra, Cartiere del Garda's newest matt paper

2/1/2014 12:00 AM

Cartiere del Garda, part of the Lecta Group, has launched a new product - GardaMatt Ultra - further expanding its "Excellent Collection" of high quality paper, ideal for all printing needs.

Cartiere del Garda continues to invest in the research of innovative products, in order to anticipate and satisfy its customers' needs.

GardaMatt Ultra is a woodfree coated matt paper that is particularly suited to the publishing market's needs:

- rough matt surface

- high bulk (1.0)

- available in 115 - 130 - 150 and 170 gsm

- superb runnability

- high rigidity​

- excellent printability

- good printing brilliance

- excellent delta gloss (gloss difference between the printed and the unprinted areas)

- good opacity

- suitable for a variety of industrial processes after printing

- available FSC or PEFC certified upon request

The technical specifications can be found at this link.

Cartiere del Garda reaffirms yet again its willingness to offer a range of high quality products aimed to satisfy each client.​



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