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Lecta organizational announcement

01/03/2012 00:00

Effective March 1, 2012, Mr. Francisco Rudilla Molina (64), CEO of Lecta HQ and board member of Lecta, will retire after 41 years with Torraspapel and then the Lecta Group.

In his years as CEO, Mr. Rudilla was instrumental in defining and implementing the strategy for the Group's future. The Board of Directors of Lecta wish to express its appreciation for Mr. Rudilla's many achievements during his long career in the paper industry and to thank him for his commitment and service to the Lecta group.

On the same date, Mr. Eduardo Querol (53) is nominated Lecta HQ CEO. Mr. Querol, currently Group Commercial General Manager, has been with the Group for 25 years and has a degree in Industrial Engineering and MBA from the Navarra University. Mr. Querol developed his career occupying different positions in the commercial area. The Board welcomes Mr. Querol and wishes him success in his new position.

Effective 30 March, 2012, Mr. Paolo Mattei (61) will retire as CEO of Cartiere del Garda and Lecta board member. Mr. Mattei has been the CEO of Cartiere del Garda for the last 22 years during which the mill in Riva del Garda has almost doubled its capacity and important projects like Alto Garda Power, a cogeneration plant which supplies steam and electricity to the paper mill and to the residential area around it, were successfully implemented. The Board of Directors of Lecta would like to thank Mr Mattei for his contribution to the Lecta group.​



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