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Lecta Unveils Its New Sustainability Site

01/07/2012 00:00


In this new site, Lecta clearly reflects its environmental performance and its commitment to social responsibility, in keeping with its principles of transparent and regular communication of environmental practices.

The new​ site offers updated information on all Group environmental activities, particularly those regarding raw materials (wood), effluents, energy, emissions, waste and certifications. Visitors are also invited to learn more about Lecta's commitment to social responsibility through its humanitarian projects, joint collaborations with NGO's and sponsorship of cultural events.

The Lecta Group is made up of three companies with a longstanding tradition in their home markets: Cartiere del Garda in Italy, Condat in France and Torraspapel in Spain.

Lecta currently has nine mills with a production capacity of close to 2 million tons and is recognized worldwide as a customer-oriented, flexible and reliable supplier and partner.

For further details on Lecta's commitment to a sustainable future, please visit​



Lecta aumenterà i prezzi delle carte termiche dal 10% al 12%<p>​​​​​​​​​​​​</p><p><b>Lecta annuncia un aumento dei prezzi per i nuovi ordini di carta termica che varierà dal 10% al 12%.</b></p><p>Tale aumento è necessario per compensare il continuo e rilevante incremento dei costi di produzione e di trasporto e per ripristinare la nostra redditività. L'aumento dei prezzi avrà effetto immediato.</p><p>L'organizzazione commerciale di Lecta è a disposizione dei clienti per fornire informazioni specifiche su come l'aumento sarà applicato nei diversi paesi.</p><div> <br> </div> <br>14/01/2021 13:10:00 aumenterà i prezzi delle carte termiche dal 10% al 12%
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