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Lecta Publishes Its Newest Environmental Report

01/02/2014 00:00

Lecta reaffirms its leadership in sustainability and makes significant progress in reducing its environmental impact.

Lecta is one of the largest manufacturers of coated woodfree paper in the world and a leader in the European specialty papers market. It is made up of three companies with a long tradition in their home markets: Cartiere del Garda in Italy, Condat in France and Torraspapel in Spain.

Lecta currently has 9 mills with a total production capacity of nearly 2 million tons and is recognized worldwide as a reliable, flexible and customer-centered supplier as well as being a leader in environmental stewardship.

A long history of best practices and over 105 million euros allocated to environmental projects since 2006 have enabled Lecta to secure the strictest environmental management and quality certifications, thus minimizing the environmental impact of its operations.

All of the group manufacturing sites hold ISO 9001 quality certification, ISO 14001 and EMAS environmental management certifications, and ISO 50001 energy management certification. Furthermore, Lecta is able to guarantee the sustainable origin of the wood used to manufacture our products, in strict compliance with new European timber regulations and PEFCTM and FSC® chain-of-custody standards, offering maximum credibility and transparency in our wood sourcing operations.

Lecta has significantly reduced the environmental impact of its activity in recent years with a 10% reduction in CO2 emissions, a 12% reduction in water usage and a nearly 30% reduction in the amount of dry sludge sent to landfill since 2006. There are just a few examples of Lecta's efforts as an environmentally friendly company.

In keeping with our goal of communicating our environmental performance in a transparent and responsible manner, the data included in this environmental report have been evaluated and verified by an independent third party, as specifie​d in the annex.

Lecta's new Environmental Report is available in four languages: English, Spanish, French and Italian. We invite you to download the complete version of the Environmental Report in pdf format on Lecta's sustainability website:




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