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Lecta Extends ISO 9001 Quality Certification to All Mills

InvestitoriIstituzionaleSostenibilitàMezzi di stampa

01/03/2014 00:00

Lecta fulfills its commitment to having a standardized quality management system in place for the entire Group.

With the procurement of ISO 9001 certification at Cartiere del Garda in Italy, all Lecta Group mills now have in place a quality management system certified by an independent body, officially recognizing the consistent quality of all products manufactured by Lecta as well as Lecta's commitment to continuous improvement.

In keeping with the objective set forth in its latest Environmental Report,Lecta certified all its production to ISO 9001 standards before the end of 2013. ISO 9001 is the most widespread quality management standard in the world, with more than one million certified companies in ove​r 170 countries.

In addition to ISO 9001 quality certification, all Lecta 's manufacturing sites have secured the strictest environmental certifications – ISO 14001 and EMAS –, PEFC™ and FSC® chain-of-custody certification, thereby guaranteeing the the wood and pulp we use as raw material have been sustainably sourced, and ISO 50001 energy efficiency certification.

You may download Lecta 's most recent Environmental Report here, where you can find further details on Lecta 's environmental performance in addition to information on the new sustainability challenges we have set for ourselves.​



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