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Lecta Announces the Sale of Its Merchanting Business in Argentina


01/12/2013 00:00

The Group will concentrate its merchanting activity in its domestic markets in Southern Europe.

As of 10 December 2013, Lecta, the second largest coated woodfree paper manufacturer in Europe and the market leader in the sale and distribution of paper and print substrates for the graphic arts industry in Southern Europe, has finalized the sale of its distributor ​in Argentina to the Tecnomax group in Uruguay.

With extensive experience in the merchanting market through its own distributors and through the acquisition of the Italian merchant Polyedra in 2012, Lecta has decided to focus its merchanting business on the Group’s key strategic markets where it also has manufacturing facilities – Italy, France and Spain – as well as Portugal, thus strengthening its position as a leader in the Southern European market. 

The new distributor will continue to operate short-term under the Torraspapel Argentina name and will continue to supply Lecta products to the Argentinean market.



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