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Cartiere del Garda Presents “Shades”

01/11/2014 00:00

What is shade? A word that, because of its elusive nature, is best explained when someone attempts to define it with an image.

Cartiere del Garda, part of the Lecta Group, has launched "Shades", the eighth volume of "A Better Project", its yearly in-depth look at a thought-provoking topic. This year the book explores the theme of shades, with repetitions of evocative, powerful images. This volume features the same eighteen images, printed each time on a different paper: GardaMatt Art, GardaMatt Ultra, GardaPat13 KLASSICA, GardaPat13 KIARA, GardaPat13 BIANKA and Condat matt Périgord. The tones change constantly with each page, sometimes so subtly it is practically imperceptible to the naked eye.

"Shades" is more than just a beautiful photography book: it has been designed to go beyond, the perfect instrument to use when striving for excellence in the field of graphic design and printing. Intended for a wide variety of color situations, printed from a single file with the same coated profile and the same density of color so that each sheet of paper can reveal its full potential. No other adjustments were made at the printing stage, thus allowing designers a neutral starting point from which to choose the best solution according to their needs and for future adaptations.

Selected content from "Shades" is available on the "A Better Project" website, where a summary of the book can be viewed and those interested can request a

With this publishing project, Cartiere del Garda demonstrates once again how the singularity of a high-quality paper coupled with relevant content can transmit emotions through a unique sensory and intellectual experience. 

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