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Lecta Reduces CWF 2S Production Capacity in 2014

01/11/2013 00:00

Lecta Group will make an additional reduction of CWF production capacity in 2014 of around 40,000 tons. 

As a result of the decreasing demand for coated wood free papers and considering the continuing negative demand expected in the coming years, ​Lecta is progressively adapting its production structure and reducing its capacity in this product line. 

After the closure of Condat’s L6 (July 1, 2013), which represents a capacity reduction of 130,000 tons, Lecta will now make an additional reduction of around 40,000 tons of CWF 2/S for 2014. The capacity will be re-assigned primarily to internal consumption, covering growing internal needs due to Lecta’s recent investments in the specialty papers segment. 

With these projects, in 2014 Lecta will remove from the market a total production capacity of around 170,000 tons of CWF 2S papers.