Creator Urban Backlight DPI

Technical data
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​One-side coated paper for backlight advertising panels such as bus shelters.

Excellent printability, machinability, good transparency and stiffness during printing and installation.

Suitable for inkjet printing with solvent, mild solvent, eco solvent, UV and latex inks.

Available in rolls.

Available substances: 135, 150, 170 and 200  gsm


PEFC Chain of Custody (multisite)
ISO 50001 Energy Efficiency
ISO 9001 Quality
ISO 14001
EMAS Sant Joan
FSC Chain of Custody (multisite)
Paper Profile CreatorUrban



Creator Urban FR4​​Two-side coated flame retardant (M1) paper for indoor advertisingPapel estucado 2 caras ignífugo (M1) para publicidad interior. Papier couché 2 faces ignifugé (classement M1) pour publicité intérieure. ​Carta bipatinata ignifuga (M1) per cartellonistica e pubblicità interna. Wide FormatFSC;#PEFC;#RECYCLABLE;#SHEETS;#
Creator Urban BlueBack5Opaque one-side coated paper with blue back, wet-strength for outdoor billboardsPapel estucado 1 cara opaco, con dorso azul para publicidad exterior como vallas publicitarias.Papier couché 1 face, opaque verso bleu résistant à l’état humide, pour panneaux extérieurs.Carta monopatinata con il dorso azzurro, per pubblicità esterna di grande formato.Wide FormatFSC;#PEFC;#RECYCLABLE;#REELS;#
Creator Urban Silk6Two-side coated paper for backlight advertising panels. Papel estucado 2 caras para publicidad en mobiliario urbano. Papier couché two-face pour publicité mobilier urbain. Wide FormatFSC;#PEFC;#RECYCLABLE;#SHEETS;#