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Print Power: the Efficiency and Sustainability of Print Media

2/1/2013 12:00 AM

Torraspapel's Creator papers chosen for the campaign's print publications in Spain.


"Print Power" is a pan-European project seeking to strengthen the position of print media within the multimedia world, as an efficient and sustainable medium as well as a highly effective tool in the marketing media mix. In this era of multimedia marketing and communication, print media holds unique qualities, providing the consumer with an attractive, direct experience that other communication media by themselves cannot match.


Spain is one of 13 European countries participating in the project.Torraspapel, part of the Lecta Group, chose to be involved in this initiative from the start and has taken an active role in its development and launch, both at the European and national levels.


Print Power's most recent activity in the Spanish market includes the highly successful launch of, a paper and environment website in Spanish; a print magazine; and the design of a direct marketing campaign aimed at the creative and art directors of top advertising agencies. Torraspapel's CreatorSilk papers, PEFC™ certified and in different weights, were selected for the print magazine and the direct marketing campaign in Spain.


For more information about the power of print media please visit and (in Spanish). To learn more about Torraspapel's activities as a socially responsible company, please consult theSustainability section of this website.​



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