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CWF price increase

Lecta to increase CWF prices by 12% to 14% in all markets to offset soaring energy and chemical costs


10/8/2021 7:00 AM

price announcements | coated paper

Lecta announces a price increase of 12% to 14% on all its CWF grades in sheets and reels effective from new orders.

This price increase is essential in order to offset the exceptional increase in raw materials driven by the soaring price of gas, electricity and chemical costs.

These new quotations will be subject to the addition of surcharges due to the uncontrollable and unforeseeable increasing prices of gas and electricity.

In the current scenario of constant review of prices by our energy suppliers, Lecta's cost structure has suffered a significant downturn which is not sustainable without the relevant pass-through of these increases into the prices of our products by adding surcharges.

These surcharges will be subject to review each month in accordance with the relevant energy prices of the immediately prior month.

Lecta sales teams will be immediately informing our customers on the new set of conditions that Lecta is forced to apply to mitigate all the costs inflation.



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Lecta to increase 2-side CWF and UWF prices by 8 to 10% in all markets, effective September 1, 2022<p><b>Due to the continuous and unprecedented increase of gas and energy costs, Lecta announces an additional price increase of 8 to 10% on all 2-side CWF and UWF products for orders with delivery from September 1st, 2022. The price increase will be implemented in all markets.</b></p><p>Lecta is committed to serve its valued customers the best possible in these challenging market circumstances and Lecta’s sales team remain available to all customers in order to provide more detailed information.</p><br>7/27/2022 8:20:00 AM to increase 2-side CWF and UWF prices by 8 to 10% in all markets, effective September 1, 2022