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Lecta launches a new Metalvac sample collection

Lecta launches a new Metalvac sample collection

10/25/2017 12:00 AM


The most detailed information in the three main applications of the extensive Metalvac range.

The new Metalvac metallized paper sample collection also debuts the slogan "Let it shine", which serves as the backbone for the entire communication campaign and is an invitation to get to know the versatility of the product range on the covers of the three catalogs that make up the collection.

With a minimalist, elegant design, the new collection contains three catalogs, one for each of Metalvac's main applications:

     - Wet-glue Labels: labels for beer and beverages.

     - Pressure-sensitive Labels: papers designed for self-adhesive.

     - Tobacco & Packaging Range​: inner-liners for cigarette packets, gift-wrap paper, wrappers for chocolate and food products in general.

The catalogs, available in English, Spanish, Italian and French, contain general information about the range, and technical specifications as well as samples of all the products.

For more information about Metalvac and other Lecta products you can visit us at



Lecta Presents Its New Release Liner Papers, Linerset CCK and Linerset CCK Duo <p> <br> </p><p> <b>Production will take place mainly at Lecta’s Condat mill in France.</b></p><p>Give your challenging pressure-sensitive applications a strong base with <a href="/_layouts/15/FIXUPREDIRECT.ASPX?WebId=ab4fa7a3-0634-4500-936f-c564acc72d36&TermSetId=df97ac4b-f748-499e-bb14-37fe224b64ce&TermId=518c97f4-c697-41b2-9300-bd31887d60d0"> <b>Linerset</b></a>, Lecta’s new release liner. The Linerset paper range guarantees high performance for all your self-adhesive materials in labelling, graphic films, tapes and industrial applications.</p><p> <b>Linerset CCK</b> and <b>Linerset CCK Duo</b> are the first products from this new release liner range. Linerset CCK is a one-side clay-coated release paper for siliconization with good dimensional stability and lay-flatness. Available from 55 to 135 g/m², lower substances are generally used for labelling and the higher substances for graphic film applications. Linerset CCK Duo is a two-side clay-coated release paper for siliconization with a special reverse side treatment. With good dimensional stability as well and extra lay-flatness, the 120 to 135 g/m² substances from have been specially developed for graphic film applications. </p><p>Additional Linerset glassine and Linerset SCK release liners will also be available soon in order to expand the new Linerset range. </p><p>The Linerset launch is the culmination of a strategic transformation project begun by Lecta several years ago to diversify production at its Condat mill, one of the leading employers in the Périgord – France region. This plan entails the transformation of a large paper machine (Line 8) from coated woodfree paper to release liner manufacturing and the acquisition of a new supercalender. The project, with an investment of more than 80 million euros, makes Condat one of the most modern, efficient and environment-friendly factories in Europe today.</p><p>With Linerset, Lecta is developing a complete, high-quality <a href="" target="_blank"> <b>portfolio</b></a> of specialty paper-based solutions for pressure-sensitive products with the aim of becoming the supplier of choice for siliconizers, PSL producers and converters. </p><p>Further details on Linerset CCK and Linerset CCK Duo are available at <a href="/en"></a>.</p><div> <br> <br> </div> 7/12/2021 6:00:00 AM Presents Its New Release Liner Papers, Linerset CCK and Linerset CCK Duo
EraCup Natural by Lecta: the Natural, Recyclable Choice for Paper Cups<p>​</p><p> <strong>The first product in Lecta’s new polyethylene-free “Era” range of nature-friendly packaging.</strong></p><p>Taking inspiration from nature, Lecta presents <strong><a href="/_layouts/15/FIXUPREDIRECT.ASPX?WebId=ab4fa7a3-0634-4500-936f-c564acc72d36&TermSetId=df97ac4b-f748-499e-bb14-37fe224b64ce&TermId=54537851-b13d-4703-868d-53b0b3b3250a"><strong>EraCup Natural</strong></a>,</strong> a totally recyclable, biodegradable and polyethylene-free paper-based solution for single-use cups. EraCup Natural is the first product in Lecta’s new range of functional papers for <strong>nature-friendly</strong> packaging aligned with responsible consumption habits in which each decision matters.</p><p>Manufactured under the most rigorous environmental and food safety certifications, Lecta’s new paper-based EraCup Natural solution is based on a proprietary process that is both polyethylene and bioplastic free. Its unique composition allows the paper to be recycled in standard paper recycling circuits after having been converted and used.<br></p><p>EraCup Natural is a SBB paperboard manufactured with pulp from certified sources, available in substances from 170 g/m² up to 380 g/m². It has an uncoated outer face, with a smooth, natural finish suitable for high-quality flexography and offset printing. The inside is covered with a sealable aqueous dispersion that guarantees the manufacture of liguid-tight paper cups. In addition, this paper-based solution allows for significant energy savings since cups made with EraCup Natural require lower sealing temperatures compared to those manufactured with current polyethylene materials.</p><p>EraCup Natural, with properties that make it ideal for hot and cold beverage cups as well as on-the-go disposable containers, is adapted to consumer habits in a new more environment-friendly era.</p><p>The EraCup range represents an advance for Lecta on its path towards developing more sustainable solutions that protect the environment and are wholly aligned with its diversification strategy and the transformation of the Company within the specialty paper market.</p><p>“Our technology center and our innovation team, along with the specialized technicians at our mills, have worked on the development of new functional and environment-friendly papers. Today, after extensive, successful testing in different European markets, we are proud to be able to launch EraCup Natural, an innovative product that offers clear advantages from a sustainability point of view,” says Santiago Tesi, Marketing & Innovation Director at Lecta.</p><p>Choose EraCup Natural, the totally recyclable paper-based solution for cups, specially designed to protect nature and promote a circular economy. Each small choice is a big step towards creating a better world.</p><p>For more information about EraCup Natural and Lecta's full product portfolio, please visit <a href="" style="text-decoration-line:underline;"></a>.</p><div> <br> </div><br>6/29/2021 6:00:00 AM Natural by Lecta: the Natural, Recyclable Choice for Paper Cups