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Lecta Announces the Acquisition of Italian Paper Merchant Polyedra

3/1/2012 12:00 AM


Lecta Group, the second largest European coated woodfree manufacturer, formed by Cartiere del Garda S.p.A, Torraspapel S.A and Condat SAS formalized, pending approval by the European Commission, the acquisition of Italian paper merchant Polyedra now belonging to PaperlinX Group.

With this acquisition Lecta strengthens its position in Italy, one of the main strategic markets of the Lecta Group. In Italy, Lecta has its Cartiere del Garda CWF mill and a thorough knowledge of the coated woodfree and specialty papers markets in that country

Lecta has a deep experience in the distribution business through its own Torraspapel's merchants activities present in Spain, France, Portugal and Argentina. With the acquisition of Polyedra, Lecta reinforces its position as the leading manufacturer and distributor in Southern Europe.

Polyedra, one of the leading paper merchant in the Italian market, has a prestigious image in all market segments and a global national coverage achieving a turnover of approximate EUR 260 mill. Additionally Polyedra will provide Lecta with its knowledge in other special paper product ranges and innovative services.

With this integration, Polyedra and Lecta Group will benefit from strong synergies and logistical advantages to face the current market challenges.



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