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Lecta's origins date back to the acquisition, between 1997 and 1999, of three companies with a long tradition in their home markets: Cartiere del Garda in Italy, Condat in France and Torraspapel in Spain. Lecta Ltd. is the ultimate parent company of the Lecta Group, with participations held by multiple equity funds and investors. Its offices are located in London.

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Condat, located in the Périgord region of France, specializes in the manufacture of high-end coated papers with state-of-the art technology and maximum respect for the environment. Condat papers are designed for the most demanding publishing, advertising and print applications.

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With 300 years of history behind it, Torraspapel is the leading manufacturer and distributor on the Iberian Peninsula of coated and uncoated woodfree paper, along with a wide range of specialty papers including metallized, carbonless, thermal, cast-coated and self-adhesive materials.

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Cartiere del Garda has been producing high-quality woodfree coated products in Italy for over 50 years. It is well-known for combining innovative and efficient manufacturing with environmental stewardship and respect for the local community.

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