Paper, a sustainable Resource

Our paper products by their very nature are sustainable. Paper is obtained from natural and renewable raw material, it is recyclable and biodegradable, and can contribute to improving quality of life.

Paper is a natural choice for a more sustainable world.

Paper and the Circular Economy

The circular economy is an enviromentally committed and responsible industrial model in which production by-products, components and materials are reutilized and kept at their highest utility and value at all times.

The paper industry applies this model in its manufacturing processes and is a clear example of a circular economy, as wood transformed into paper products are continuously being recycled and turned into renewed paper products. Even manufacturing by-products are monetized by different industries or used as fuel in the paper mill itself or in other industrial facilities.

Lecta strictly follows these precepts, contributing to the European strategy of supporting this economic model to favors sustainable development and the creation of goods and services, while promoting responsible consumption and conserving raw materials and natural resources.

Sources: CEPI, Two Sides, Aspapel

Industry Associations

Lecta is a member of a number of industry associations and actively collaborates in diverse initiatives that promote corporate social responsibility, transparency and sustainability such as the United Nations Global Compact, Sedex, CDP, Paper Profile, Print Power and Two Sides.