Objectives, commitments and achievements 2013 - 2014

In each Environmental Report, Lecta lays out a series of objectives and commitments that will guide our sustainability priorities over the next two years. These include aspects related to certifications, climate change, reducing environmental impact, social responsibility and information transparency.

Once this period ends, a public review of each takes place, and progress made in achieving our goals and fulfilling our commitments is communicated with the greatest possible transparency.


Promote best practices in the area of occupational health and safety, implementing an occupational risk management system. Complete OHSAS 18001 certification at all the Group's mills by year-end 2014. All of Lecta's mills have secured OHSAS 18001 certification.
A standardized quality management system for the Lecta Group as a whole. Extend ISO 9001 certification to all products manufactured by Lecta in 2013. All of Lecta's mills have ISO 9001 certification.


Communicate our advances in social responsibility on an annual basis. Submit an annual progress report to the United Nations Global Compact. Lecta annually publishes a progress report on the implementation of the 10 principles of the Global Compact.
Develop projects that generate value for local communities. Increase Alto Garda Power's supply of heat to the Riva del Garda district. Alto Garda Power has increased the supply of heat to the district by 36% since 2011.
Promote sustainable and responsible supply chain business practices. Report information on the environment, CSR and sales ethics in the main forums and platforms existing for the disclosure and exchange of sustainability data. Lecta is a member of numerous industry associations and actively participates in initiatives that promote corporate responsibility, transparency and sustainability.


Maintain our position as leaders in minimizing environmental impact. Improve the quality of water returned to the environment by reducing COD, to values of ≤ 2 kg/t. In 2014, Lecta’s COD demand fell to 1.29 kg/t, well below the established commitment level.
Implement an odor removal plan at the Zaragoza pulp mill. Air emissions were significantly reduced as a result of the investment of more than 5 million euros in new condensate purification systems
Reduce the amount of sludge sent to landfill at the Sant Joan les Fonts mill. The Sant Joan les Fonts mill reduced the volume of sludge sent to landfill by 60% over the last two years.


Share objectives and actions deriving from our integrated quality management, environmental, energy and occupational health and safety policy With stakeholders. Publish an environmental report and other sustainability-related documents on a regular basis. Lecta annually publishes EMAS Environmental Statements for all its mills, and publishes an Environmental Report every two years.
Communicate environmental and social responsibility initiatives and projects on Lecta’s sustainability site: www.lectasustainability.com All of the Group’s websites provide major environmental and CSR news.